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Two days after a 16 hour flight from New York to Hong Kong, we tried pulling off a birthday party for F. Somehow, it worked. We tried conning F into thinking that her birthday was sometime while we were in NJ and Maine, with the hope of being able to not plan a party for when we got back. She didn’t buy it.

So after a family celebration the night we got back, on Saturday, we got the party started early. It began with a taxi trip to the Pao Yue Kong pool in Aberdeen. It’s a large pool complex with several pools for just about everything. Laps, lounging, kiddie, diving. Then there is a separate wing with an entire kids pool complex, equipped with slides, water fountains, squirter thingies. F, T, E and I went over with a few friends and met more their. The only bummer for me was the surplus of men hanging around the pool, using the fountains as showers. Their speedos were so skimpy, it looked like they were in their underwear. But you know, I think we’d probably get this if we lived in Europe. You sort of have to shrug it off. J, J and their twins eventually joined us too, along with a quick appearance by Tom, Suzanne and their newborn George.

From there we walked down to the docks, and boarded a small boat that took us to the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. It’s literally a 4 story restaurant, built in traditional Chinese style, that bobs in the middle of Aberdeen Harbor. A James Bond movie was filmed there. Our final destination is known as Top Deck at the Jumbo, which of course is the very top floor. It’s a kid friendly venue, with a playroom located in the middle. For some of the adults, the best part wasn’t so much the play room, but the all you can eat and drink champagne brunch. Before you jump to conclusions (Mom) there was only one or two small glasses poured for our table, as the top deck gets busy.

Shortly before arriving at the Top Deck, I realized we had a real problem on our hands. The nine cupcakes, purchased individually at a swanky shopping center for not a cheap price, tipped over on the cab ride over to the pool. Literally every single cupcake was upside down, smooshed. I leveled with F when I realized what had happened. She had changed from her bathing suit into her new Fairy Princess dress, wand and tiara included. Actually, I tried to cover up the situation at first, but she caught me peaking under the cardboard roof of the cupcake disaster. I muttered something to E, then noticed F was paying close attention to the dessert bag.

F: What is it Dad?

Me: Nothing, We’re fine.

F: What did you said to Mom. Dad? Dad?

Me: (busted) Okay, F. Here’s the thing.

F: What thing?

Me: The cupcakes tipped over on the cab ride, and they’re all messy.

F: (lip quivering) But why.

Me: Because the taxi driver drove too fast.

F: (whimper, whimper, tears forming)

Me: Why don’t we order a cake at the restaurant or something.

F: NO DAD!! (Tears, arms folded, hands grabbing elbows).

Me: Okay, Okay. You have two choices. A cake, or messy cupcakes. What’s it gonna be.

F: (Lower lip protruding for effect). Messy cupcakes.

Turns out, the messy cupcakes were a huge hit. Nobody noticed. Edie promptly buried her face in the chocolate mound, coming up for air about 20 seconds later. Luckily, Alyssa opted for the banana nut muffin with white frosting, as there were only two of those. Had she not opted for that one, we’d have had a chocolate shortage, and a potentially bad situation on our hands.

I kept expecting one or a few kids to lose it, collapse, throw a tantrum. We’d had a morning of heavy swimming in the hot sun. And yet, all the kids were well behaved—bless them. As always, the service at this Hong Kong landmark restaurant was superb–over the top excellent!


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